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People Share The Funny And Weird Habits That They Picked Up At Work


Your work life can definitely influence your personal life. After all, you spend most of your time at work, so any habits you pick up may be hard to snuff out.

Most people are familiar with the age old phrase, “Don’t mix pleasure with business” and it really is advice to live by, but sometimes you just can’t stop work from slipping into your personal, everyday life.It can either be a good thing and winds up being helpful in your everyday life or it can be a hindrance. Or maybe it’s neither good or bad and is just a fun new quick. People might ask why you do that one weird thing, and then you just have to explain that it’s a habit you picked up from work. You don’t know why you keep doing it, you just do.

Over on Reddit users were asked the question “What strange habits have you picked up from your line of work” and needless to say, the answers are nothing short of amazing. From being a molecular biologist and having to sniff things like a pretentious jerk to being a childcare worker and constantly head counting, here are 24 of the best stories.

1. I’m a paralegal, so I work with attorneys all day long. I’ve learned never to admit to anything! Just use the phrase, “It appears as though that car ran a red light,” instead of, “That car ran a red light.” It leaves a little doubt in your statements and you’re not outright accusing anyone of anything or admitting to anything either. (MakeMeAnIrishCoffee)

2. As a molecular biologist, you’re taught not to smell anything directly, considering it could be dangerous. So, because of that I never do smell anything directly even after I’ve clocked out of work for the day. I always waft the smell toward my nose with my hand. It makes me look pretentious and stupid but I can’t kick the habit. (LadyAybara)

3. Working in an office has taught me to be really careful with my possessions, especially my computer. So, even when I’m at home I will literally put it to sleep or make sure it requires a password before you can use it, even if I’m at home and there’s nobody else around. (Nyxxu)

4. On my first morning as an apprentice plumber, I was sent into a loft to turn off a valve. The loft was full of cobwebs and they all got in my long hair, so I went and bought a cap during my lunch break. I wore a cap every single day and now it’s been nine years of wearing one, so I don’t feel like a plumber if I’m not wearing my cap. I literally have to put it on just to change a tap washer at home. (Pavotine)

5. I work in childcare and obviously, it’s important to know how many kids you have at any given time. So I’m constantly counting heads while at work. It’s a weird skill to have but now that I’ve done it thousands of times I can do it very efficiently now, even with large groups of non-stationary people. Because I do it unconsciously at work, I find that I’m constantly doing it in my everyday life like when having coffee in a cafe or during a party. It actually comes in handy, especially when you’re with a large group of friends. Not losing anyone on my watch. (EroticCake)

6. I worked in a preschool so naturally, I would ask my kids if they washed their hands after using the bathroom. Well, in everyday life I wound up doing the same thing. So, I’d be out with friends and one of them would go off to the washroom and when they came back, I would ask if they washed their hands. It was off. (SwordOfTheLlama)

7. I’m a working musician so I can tell the key of the seatbelt beep in people’s cars. I can also tell the beats-per-minute (roughly) of people’s turn signal clickers. Basically, there’s music in everything and I can pick up on the music in everything. It’s kind of fun, almost like a party trick. (spiderlanewales)

8. While working in the theatre, it’s pretty common to just call out “NOISE!” before you purposefully make a loud noise, that way people know you didn’t get hurt or anything. I don’t mean to but I do this at home too. It’s even carried on to my new job in IT/Broadcast Engineering. (carpe_dentum)

9. Back when I worked in retail, I went on vacation and some random dude asked me the time. I looked at my watch, told him the time, and when he thanked me I thanked him for coming into the store and told him to have a nice day… Obviously, there was no store. He probably left feeling pretty confused. (chumothy)

10. As a fisheries biologist, I really can’t eat seafood without dissecting what it is I’m eating. I literally will remove ear bones from fish and check the sex of the crustaceans. I can’t help it, it’s my job and it interests me! Definitely grosses other people out though when they’re with me… I just can’t help wanting to see what’s going on with the fish I’m eating. (smileedude)

11. I’m a cook at a restaurant so I always sneeze while bending over as deep as I can so that I don’t contaminate any dishes/food. I also have an extremely powerful and loud screaming sneeze. The combination of these gives me the most theatrical sneezes in the real world. People get really amused by it. (Poep_Boby)

12. As a TV reporter, I’ve gotten into the habit of asking complete strangers who I’m not interviewing (i.e people at the grocery store or park) very pointed and overly personal questions about their feelings or events that have happened in their lives. While inappropriate, I really can’t even think of one time where someone hasn’t given a genuine answer. (CommunistTurdWaffles)

13. I muck out stables and such for a living and during the winter everything gets incredibly muddy so to save my jeans I usually just roll them up to the middle of my shins. A lot of the time I forget to roll them back down and wind up going grocery shopping. Have gotten a few remarks about being a hipster or how trendy my capris are. (SEND_ME_YOUR_TUMMY)

14. As a career lifeguard, I’m always on the lookout for children being reckless. Naturally, it’s dangerous for kids to be running around the pool as the tiles are wet and they could slip and hurt themselves. So, even in my everyday life, I found myself yelling “walk!” at small children in public places for no reason. (SwearImaChik)

15. My manufacturing job is really safety conscious. You have to wear gloves for everything: Nitrile gloves while I’m cleaning, cut-resistant gloves for basically anything else. And now when I’m working around the house I don’t even feel right cleaning my bathroom or sweeping up without a pair of gloves on. (bnuug)

16. I’m a restaurant manager so every day I greet people/thank people for walking into and out of my restaurant. In everyday life, I have to stop myself from doing this in for businesses that aren’t even my own. On some occasions, I am unable to catch myself and it’s rather embarrassing, but I guess I just look super friendly. (malpow13)

17. I work around horses, so I touch their backs over so that they don’t get startled when I walk behind them. A spooked horse is a dangerous horse. Turns out I do this even when I’m outside of work. I always catch myself touching people’s backs when I walk behind them so that they don’t get spooked and kick me! (undapants)

18. After working in the restaurant business throughout high school AND college, there was a period of time where I always caught myself saying, “Corner!” anytime I went around a corner in a crowded place. It’s not entirely bad, but it was weird to catch myself in the act when I wasn’t even serving that night. (shadowash213)

19. Delivery driver here. I don’t trust other drivers. At all. Ever. Period. I really don’t make enough money to cover an accident and I see horrible drivers every single day. If I see you coming a few blocks away with your turn signal on and I could safely get ahead of you, I still won’t do it until you start your turn just because you’re probably an idiot and that signal was an accident.  (buckfutter2000)

20. My brain often fires on autopilot due to the nature of my job. When I call people I tell them my name and say that I’m from the help desk. I’ll literally call my mom and say, “Hi, this is Ashley from help ask.” Call the pet store and say, “Hi Brittany, this is Ashley from help desk” as if she knows who that is. It’s not awkward. (CCCXXXIII)

21. I am a martial arts instructor and occasionally, when I am not thinking, I bow when I walk in and out of the building and sometimes even to other people when I meet them or thank them. I’m sure that I must look like a freak, but I really can’t stop myself from doing it, it’s just a habitual part of me now. (lipsticklady)

22. Working in a kitchen as a cook for a few years has given me the habit of saying things like, “Behind!”, “Sharp!”, “Corner!”, or “Hot!” So, now I pretty much look and sound like some sort of full-time safety man. I can’t help it though, the habit just never left me and people could benefit from having this knowledge anyway. (dampsheet)

23. I work at a high-end wine and liquor store which means I often smell the wine and learn how to describe them and what they would pair the best with. But now, even outside of work, and even if I’m not drinking wine, I smell every single beverage before I drink it now. Yes, including water! (ketchup_pizza)

24. I used to work as a prison guard almost 20 years ago and to this day my hearing focus is about three feet behind me when walking around. Which means I’ve become hyper-aware of anything going on behind my back. It definitely comes in handy for safety, but it can be a little weird to some people. (redditor13579)


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