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People Share The Funny And Weird Habits That They Picked Up At Work


Your work life can definitely influence your personal life. After all, you spend most of your time at work, so any habits you pick up may be hard to snuff out.

Most people are familiar with the age old phrase, “Don’t mix pleasure with business” and it really is advice to live by, but sometimes you just can’t stop work from slipping into your personal, everyday life.It can either be a good thing and winds up being helpful in your everyday life or it can be a hindrance. Or maybe it’s neither good or bad and is just a fun new quick. People might ask why you do that one weird thing, and then you just have to explain that it’s a habit you picked up from work. You don’t know why you keep doing it, you just do.

Over on Reddit users were asked the question “What strange habits have you picked up from your line of work” and needless to say, the answers are nothing short of amazing. From being a molecular biologist and having to sniff things like a pretentious jerk to being a childcare worker and constantly head counting, here are 24 of the best stories.

1. I’m a paralegal, so I work with attorneys all day long. I’ve learned never to admit to anything! Just use the phrase, “It appears as though that car ran a red light,” instead of, “That car ran a red light.” It leaves a little doubt in your statements and you’re not outright accusing anyone of anything or admitting to anything either. (MakeMeAnIrishCoffee)

2. As a molecular biologist, you’re taught not to smell anything directly, considering it could be dangerous. So, because of that I never do smell anything directly even after I’ve clocked out of work for the day. I always waft the smell toward my nose with my hand. It makes me look pretentious and stupid but I can’t kick the habit. (LadyAybara)

3. Working in an office has taught me to be really careful with my possessions, especially my computer. So, even when I’m at home I will literally put it to sleep or make sure it requires a password before you can use it, even if I’m at home and there’s nobody else around. (Nyxxu)

4. On my first morning as an apprentice plumber, I was sent into a loft to turn off a valve. The loft was full of cobwebs and they all got in my long hair, so I went and bought a cap during my lunch break. I wore a cap every single day and now it’s been nine years of wearing one, so I don’t feel like a plumber if I’m not wearing my cap. I literally have to put it on just to change a tap washer at home. (Pavotine)

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