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16 Weird Restaurants That Actually Exist


Cultures around the world have very different ideas of what a casual dining experience should be. From the burger joints of the United States, to the bistros of France, people experience food in very different ways. Some things that wouldn’t be on Mom and Pop’s menu here in America would be:

  • Haggis – The Scottish delicacy of organs cooked inside a sheep’s stomach.
  • Tuna eyeball – The Japanese separate the fish organ to serve on its own.
  • Hákarl – Anthony Bourdain once called the Icelandic dish of rotting shark meat the most disgusting thing he’s ever eaten.

It doesn’t stop at just foods though, restaurant culture is much different around the world. It does however lead to some excellent tourism, as people travel just to visit these odd culinary landmarks.

Here are some of the weirdest restaurants around the world, that will provide some definitely unique experiences.

1. Ancient Ram Inn, England: The legendary inn has been listed as one of the most haunted places in the world for centuries, with daily paranormal activities being reported. Built on a pagan burial ground, it’s said to have been a place of child sacrifice before the inn was constructed in 1145.

2. Cabbages & Condoms, Thailand: An odd combination of vegetarianism and safe-sex, this Bangkok restaurant gives out condoms at the end of every meal, and even has their waitstaff wear them—on their heads that is. The restaurant’s slogan is “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

3. Modern Toilet, Taiwan: Food is served to you out of a toilet, while you sit on a toilet, and drink out of a toilet-mug. Now the only question is what do their bathrooms look like?


4. Snow Village, Finland: An entire village built out of ice, you can dine in a frozen palace lit by dim LED lighting. Make sure you get there in the right season. Otherwise, you may just find a puddle.

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