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16 Weird Restaurants That Actually Exist

13. Safe House, Milwaukee: The spy-styled restaurant on a nondescript corner in Milwaukee works exactly as planned. There isn’t any advertising outside, and you need a password to get in, but tourists flock to the location to see inside the private dining experience.

14. Ninja New York, New York: If you’ve ever wanted to dine in feudal Japan, now you can in the middle of New York City. The entire wait staff are trained acrobats, that jump and roll around the restaurant as they serve you.

15. Cat Cafe, Japan: This coffee shop is known for its frequent feline guests. You can enjoy your coffee or tea while surrounded by some furry friends. At dinner time, the cats all feast together in circles, an odd sight to be sure.

16. Fortezza Medicea, Italy – Would you be able to survive in jail? Well, at this themed restaurant in Italy you can at least try eating like a prisoner. At the Fortezza, you’re served by actual inmates in a cell and eat with plastic sporks.


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