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12 Of The World’s Weirdest Festivals To Add To Your Bucket List

In a world rich with culture, there are countless traditions and festivals that we have yet to experience. From Scandinavia to the depths of Asia, we explore the world’s weirdest festivals that people partake in annually.

Though they may seem bizarre, they’re part of what makes the given culture distinct. Each tradition is linked to a deep history that is preserved with the festivals coming alive each year.

Today, we explore these unique and eye-opening festivals that are bound to be added to your bucket list in life.  

1. La Tomatina, Spain.
The “world’s biggest food fight” is in Bunol, Spain, where thousands of people gather to launch squashed tomatoes at one another. The rules ensure that it’s a respectful environment, where nobody gets hurt.

12 weird world festivals to add to your bucket listFlickr

2. Burning Man, USA.
For 8 days in the Black Rock Desert, people gather to enjoy a festival of art, freedom, and self-reliance. In this spiritual experience, people forget about their everyday living and form a new, developed society of fresh principles and values.

3. Battle Of The Oranges, Italy.
In Ivrea, Italy, is a food fight that involves chucking oranges at opposing teams. The winning team is decided by a judge and ultimately honored by the town. Helmets are required, as the oranges become a safety hazard.

4. Day Of Silence, Bali.
The island of Bali welcomes the new year with peace and calmness. Fire, travel, and entertainment are forbidden. Traffic and electricity are shut down for 24 hours, to allow self-reflection and meditation.

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