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16 People Who Took It Wayyyyy Too Darn Far

Some people just don’t know when to stop. They just start doing something crazy, and before you know it, they went too far. These people took it so far, that they crossed the line. They’re so far away they can’t even see the line anymore. It’s just way too much to handle sometimes.

It’s no secret that these people went too far, but why did they do it in the first place? Some people crossed the line for comfort, others did it for laughs. Some people just do way too much to make others feel a certain way (think moms and their guilt trips).

These 16 people took it way too far. They are on another level. You might not believe some of the ways these people have gone too far, but the photos don’t lie. These folks just couldn’t be stopped. You might not think that people would ever do these things, but you would be wrong.

1. Coordinating your clothes and accessories is a totally normal thing to do. Coordinating your drink to your outfit? That’s way too much.

2. Some people work outside all day. Some people wear socks all day. Some people do both. This guy is one of those people.

3. There are three lessons to learn here. One, don’t smoke. Two, if you’re going to smoke, don’t do it in your car. Three, never use your console as an ashtray.

4. Here’s a question: how can you tell if someone is a vegan? Answer: Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

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