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What Does The Pose In Which You Sit Say About You?


Do you work a sedentary job where you’re often sitting for hours on end, constantly changing positions and always searching for the perfect comfort level? You’re probably all too familiar with the feeling of wanting to stretch out your legs and let it all hang loose, or maybe even just go for a walk to the bathroom to get your daily cardio in.

Did you know that the way you sit can actually say a lot about you? Think about how you sit when you’re at work. Do you sit with your legs crossed, stretched out or shamelessly spread-eagled?

Take a moment to think about your most comfortable sitting position, and continue reading to find out what the pose you sit in says about you.

1. If you sit with your knees together and your feet apart, it means that you are charming and creative. You may also have a bit of a more playful, fun and childish side to you which lets you switch between tasks and activities quite easily.

You probably also find it a little bit hard to concentrate on one specific task for an extended period, and you might also speak before you think about what you’re going to say.

Despite this, people love being around you and feel quite comfortable when they’re with you.

You might also avoid problems, often ignoring them, which can sometimes be a bad thing. If things go haywire you tend to blame it on someone else or try to get someone else to solve your problem so you don’t have to waste your time and energy doing it yourself.

2. If you’re a leg crosser like I am it means that you’re more of a restless and imaginative person. You might also catch yourself staring out the window while you’re at work, daydreaming about what a date with Paul Walker or Scarlett Johannson might be like.

You love being around people and are usually thought of as the life of the party. Because you like to have fun, you hate routine and travel often.

You probably also love learning new things and making raw, drastic decisions which could change your life without the blink of an eye.

You strive for happiness and don’t hesitate on making any kind of decision which will bring you closer to that happiness.

3. If you sit with your feet together and knees apart, you are probably a bit of a perfectionist. You weigh all options when making a decision and can be extremely picky when it comes to certain things.

Although you’re a bit of a perfectionist, for some reason you’re also a little disorganized. You find strength and logic in this chaos, though.

Your mind may also wander a bit during conversations, and you may have trouble focusing on things which aren’t really of any interest to you. This can sometimes make you become disinterested when someone who has a different opinion from yours voices their opinion.

This can sometimes lead you to bad situations and mislead people into thinking that you’re a little bit arrogant because of the fact that you’re not really open to other opinions.

4. If you sit with your legs together, you may be a little more quiet. You try to avoid confrontation and feel extremely uncomfortable when encountering confrontation in public or even public displays of affection. When you’re with your partner, you probably prefer being intimate in private.

If you lean on your entire foot while sitting in this position you are probably open and extremely blunt, which may cause some people to dislike you.

If you don’t place your weight on your entire foot while sitting in this position, you’re probably more on the quiet side. You may also struggle with communication and social interactions.

Most people think you’re reserved but deep down you’re just a thinker who may over-analyze things at times. This isn’t a bad thing, though, because it means that you’re aware of your surroundings and know how to deal with situations that most people probably don’t even think about.

5. If you tend to sit with your legs closed together and tilted off to one side, you’re probably a little bit stubborn and also very persistent with the things you do.

You don’t rush into things, but rather try to think about all possible options and outcomes before making any kind of decision. You’re a go-getter and don’t give up easily.

You might also put a little bit too much effort into your appearance, but it may not exactly increase your self-esteem or even your confidence.

Deep down you may be a pretty vulnerable person who doesn’t respond very well to criticism.


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