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8 Things Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You


Some people will slap on some makeup on their face to hide their flaws and enhance their beauty. It’s common to try and hide the odd pimple every now and then, but if your skin is acting up it could be a sign of something more serious like:

  • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Cancer

If your skin begins to flare up like crazy and not even your makeup can hide it, you might want to visit your dermatologist.

From red bumps to puffy eyelids, here are 8 things that your skin might be trying to tell you.

1) Raised, red patches – If you have some something that looks a little like this then you may have psoriasis. This is basically an imbalance of immune cells that causes inflammation and irritated patches of skin. Visit your dermatologist for treatment.


2) Dry, itchy skin – This usually occurs in the Winter because of the cold, dry weather. To avoid this, use a humidifier and avoid super hot showers. But if it’s an intense itch that is partnered with other symptoms like fatigue then it might be something more serious.


3) Acne – Everyone suffers from acne every once in a while. Sometimes there are certain triggers that cause flare ups like stress or hormones. A hormonal birth control can help with breakouts. You can also take up a calming activity like yoga.


4) Acne and unwanted hair – In addition to the break outs, if you’re getting hair in areas that you usually don’t then you might need to visit a doctor to check for a hormonal imbalance.


5) Red bumps – Sometimes red bumps might appear if you happen to suffer from anxiety or depression. A dermatologist may refer you to visit another doctor to help treat the root problem.


6) Puffy eyelids – Crying and allergies usually result in puffy eyes, but you can also get swollen eyes from simply missing a day of sleep. It can also be caused when you sleep on your stomach.


7) Yellow bumps and dark patches – If you have odd colored patches on the back of your neck and arms, this could be a sign of high triglyceride levels or diabetes.

7YouTube/Your Health

8) Vitiligo – This is a common skin disease where the person has patches of white skin on various parts of their body. Although it is harmless, vitiligo is linked to diabetes, pernicious anemia, viral hepatitis and more.



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