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This Is What Happens When You Burn 10,000 Sparklers

Remember when you were a kid and your mom gave you a sparkler on the Fourth of July, and you immediately thought about what it would look like if there were 10,000 of them all set off together?  Well someone did it – and it’s awesome.

YouTube channel Slivki Show, have been blowing things up and sending cats to space for almost a year now, and their latest video is everything we’ve always wanted to see from sparklers. The Russian duo take 10,000 (including some weird deformed ones) out into a field and try as hard as they can to start a forest fire (seriously guys, just two fire extinguishers?)


The resulting fireball puts most of the other explosion channels to shame, erupting high into the sky and setting fire to a large radius around the container. It’s exactly what we hoped for when we were 10 years old and Dad told us no, we can’t light the whole box at once.

The channel has just under 700,000 subscribers but is growing fast, with life-hacks being their most popular videos. Their use of funny commentary gives the videos an edge over similarly themed channels like MrGear who present their content without any explanations.

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