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What Happens To Your Body When It’s Embalmed


Embalming is the method used when an open casket funeral is set to happen. Embalming is an art and a science that helps preserve human remains in order to forestall decomposition. The purpose of embalming is to make the deceased individual more presentable, life-like and suitable for a public display at a funeral. Some religions and cultures place a larger significance on embalming than others.

A lot of time, skill, practice and expertise goes into preparing a body for its final presentation.

Here is a step by step process of how embalming is done.

The whole process is estimated to take about 45 minutes while the dressing of the body and makeup generally take a lot longer. As mentioned earlier, embalming is meant to delay decomposition so different chemicals and fluids will be used to slow the speed of decay.


The body is made more lifelike in order for the loved ones to go through the grieving process of seeing them one last time. Especially when the individual died in a traumatic way, it is an essential part of closure to say their goodbyes.


The first step is to ensure that the body is actually dead. The scariest thing would be a premature burial.


Specialists who do one last check for vitals and check for things such as pulse and clouded corneas.


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