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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Glass Of Milk Every Day


Most babies start out their lives getting their nutrition from the milk their mother provides. Then, as you grow, you are continued to be told to drink up your milk in order to grow big and strong. Milk is rich in calcium, so many people include it and other dairy products into their daily lives.

But what actually happens when we drink milk? Are we supposed to keep drinking milk into adulthood or is it something only meant for babies and calves?

There have been several studies done on the importance of milk including one by Harvard University and the Dairy Education Board. There are also some people who believe that drinking milk regularly is good for the body and think that dairy is important, and then there are others who think that ‘milk is a deadly poison.’

There’s even an entire website dedicated to anti-milk called which features tons of articles pointing out the supposed evils of milk. However, there are still facts pointing towards milk and dairy products being beneficial to our health.

Nutritionist Alan Argon, M.S. finds that people can still thrive on milk. Whether it be to build muscle or lose fat.

In an article he wrote for men’s health magazine, he points out some of the facts and theories that cause certain people to cut milk out of their diets. One claim suggests that milk from cows has cancer-causing hormones.

However, there have also been a lot of ‘pro-milk propaganda’ such as the ‘Got Milk’ campaign from a few years back which featured celebrities sporting a milk mustache.

After going through research on anti-milk claims as well as being aware of the Pro-Milk propaganda, he has come up with a few answers about the regular consumption of the beverage. 

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