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When Your Pet Always Follows You To The Bathroom, It Actually Means They Love You


Have you ever noticed that your pet tends to follow you around everywhere? A pet that follows you around is a pet that loves you and always wants to stick by your side. They may feel lonely when you’re not around, or they might just want to be near your side at all times because they simply like being around you. That’s because they trust you and feel more comfortable when they’re around you. Reasons why your pet follows you to the bathroom:

  • They love you
  • They want to be around you and enjoy your company

These reasons could explain why sometimes our pets will follow us to the most random places, including the bathroom.  

Here are 8 hilarious photos of pets that followed their owners to their bathrooms. 

1. That’s a little bit of an awkward position for a cat to be in. He looks comfortable though! He must really love his owner.

kitten in bathroomImgur

2. You know your bunny must really love you when it follows you to the bathroom.

3. Anyone who owns a cat knows the constant struggle of their pet trying to paw its way through a crack in the door.

4. I’m not too sure what’s more unusual…the kangaroo playing with toilet paper in the bathroom, or the fact that this person even owns a kangaroo.

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