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Here’s How Much Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate Was Reportedly Paid For Carrying Their Baby

It’s been reported that Kim allegedly paid the surrogate $45,000 in 10 installations of $4,500 per month, on top of an additional $68,850 to the agency who found her. Although most would believe that the surrogate would be paid more than the usual due to the socioeconomic status of this particular couple, that isn’t exactly the case. The founder of the Surrogacy Law Center in California told the media that they still had to pay the typical price and that if they had to pay any more than that, it could’ve seemed like “bribery based on their fortune.”

Furthermore, the couple promised to pay certain costs for specific circumstances. Had the surrogate given birth to twins or triplets, she would’ve received an extra $5,000. If she had lost any reproductive organs through the pregnancy, she would receive an additional $4,000. The couple wanted to protect her in any way they could in ensuring that this process would go through successfully for all.

Fortunately, the plan was a success for everyone involved, with the healthy birth of their third child, with no complications. Although it’s an expensive alternative, it was deemed beneficial to the Kardashian-West family, who have now grown their family like they had hoped to do. Whether or not this is the last time they do so remains to be seen, however, it’s a positive sign for those who are also hoping to explore that same route in expanding their own families. While it may and can be a difficult and complicated procedure, you can’t put a price on a life and an opportunity to bring someone new into the world.

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