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What You Notice In These Pictures Says A Lot About You


There are a lot of ways to reveal the type of personality you have. Take perception, for example; the way you see things and view things can paint a picture of the type of person you are.

Illusory artist Noma Bar uses simple pictures to convey ideas about war, love, peace, and creativity in a single picture. How it works is the part of the photo that you notice first will depict the significant part of your character.

So let’s go ahead and find out what kind of person you are using the following pictures.

This will be a test image, tell me what you see.

Brandon Marji

If you noticed the iconic cartoon character with the telescope then it definitely shows that you are an imaginative person who looks beyond the present state.


If you saw the orange line before the black background, it means you are a very optimistic and hopeful individual.


If you did see a pair of hands first, then it means you depend mostly on logic and observe things that are right in front of you. But if you noticed the fingers first, it signifies that you are a calm individual who likes to help others.


What did you see first? Was it a tree? If so, then you are a detail-oriented person who focuses on only one task at a time. If you saw the ocean first then it reveals that you care for people and understand and sympathize with their emotions.

What did you see first? Was it the smoke or the fire? If you answered smoke, it shows you have a creative imagination. If you answered fire, then it shows that you are fierce and sharp beyond your years.

The previous picture shows two different perspectives. The first is a negative space and the second is two bodies. If you noticed the negative space first, then it shows that you are very pessimistic and you need to start being more optimistic.

What did you see first? If you saw a white bear, then any negative thoughts you had in the previous picture will not be permanent. If you saw a black bear then you need to start looking at the positive sides of things.



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