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89% Of People Were Not Able To Recognize What’s Wrong With These Pictures

You’ve heard the expressions before; never judge a book by its cover, there’s more than meets the eye, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes there’s more to a picture than we originally notice because our eye tends to cling to the familiar or expected aspects of the photo. But on further examination, we realize there’s definitely something not quite right.

So, if you feel like putting your mind to the test you’ve come to the right place. Here are some photos that all have something wrong, different, hidden or nonsensical in them. See if you can find the piece that doesn’t belong and prove you are more attentive than the rest!

1. Let’s start off with this one. Look, there’s Obama! Notice anything peculiar about this picture? You probably can’t but that doesn’t mean it’s not there…

2. Ah ha! Either that man in the blue shirt made a quick trip to the barber during Obama’s speech, or he just fell victim to some very funny timing. 

3. What about this one? We promise it’s a little more obvious than the last. 

4. Aside from a beautiful display of sunflowers, the tricky piece in this photo is a certain little kitty peeking from underneath the tablecloth. 

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