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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Has People Seriously Confused


Everyone is familiar with the popular word puzzle game show Wheel of Fortune. Contestants compete to offer letters to try and guess words and phrases. It can be equally fun to play along at home, and scream out the answers before the players.

However, one recent puzzle took the internet by storm. The final round which automatically fills in the letters “RSTLNE” left the board looking a little strange. I bet the person who tried to solve this puzzle was a little confused at first.

When the photo made it to the internet, several others on twitter and social media were raising their eyebrows at the puzzle that could so easily be turned into a joke.

Being a show that airs on family television channels, Wheel of Fortune probably tries to keep their content pretty clean. They steer clear from anything that could be considered a profanity.


But I guess with thousands of dirty minds working together, it can be difficult to maintain this charade for every single episode.

This is the puzzle that the contestant was faced with. When you look at it, there are definitely a couple of possible solutions that you might be thinking of.


The internet was quick to offer some suggestions of their own, particularly on twitter. Some of the results have been absolutely hilarious.

While some of the responses have been on the rude side, others are downright hilarious. I wonder how it’s taken this long for something like this to happen.

Some people have come up with answers such as ‘Lick it Fork’ or ‘Suck it Dork,’ whereas other ones are on the crass side.

One Twitter user commented that this is the new blue/gold dress that had the internet up in arms a few years ago. Remember when some people swore that they saw a blue and black dress and others saw white and gold?

Everyone seems to have thought of a different phrase. But the question remains: what is the actual answer to this puzzle?

Although many people might have been hoping that this was a cheeky wheel of fortune puzzle, the answer was actually pretty basic.

The real answer to this pesky problem is the saying ‘Back at Work.’ That makes a lot more sense than ‘Pick at Pork’ or one of the other rude phrases.

Are you surprised that the contestant managed to get the correct answer within a few seconds? How did her mind not drift to one of these funnier choices?

I guess only the professionals can make it that far. Still, when she first saw it she must have chuckled at least a little bit. What did you think the puzzle was going to spell?


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