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Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Sends The Internet Into A Frenzy. Can You Solve It?


Wheel of Fortune has been a show that viewers have been enjoying since the beginning of time. There have been some easy puzzles to solve, and then there have been difficult ones. Then there are those puzzles that are just so frustrating.

In one of the latest episodes of the show, the final puzzle had only five letters missing. At first, you’d think it would be pretty easy to solve. However, this is not the case. Look at it more closely, and you’ll understand the frustration.

A lot of people’s minds on the internet go to a more shocking answer to the frustrating puzzle. But if you saw how much the contestant was struggling to solve it, you’ll understand that it’s not as easy as it may seem. 

Like in every final puzzle, it was filled automatically with the letters RSTLNE. Then they chose three more consonants and a vowel.

The puzzle changed into “_ _ C K   _ _ _ O R K” having only five letters that were missing  

The contestant had ten seconds to figure it out, but people on Twitter already started giving their ideas.

Someone wrote “Suck it dork!” while another one thought it was “Pick at pork.” Then there were some who went logical and wrote “Sick at work.”

With everyone guessing their answer, there was one user who decided to help everyone out, letting them know that “suck it dork” couldn’t be the answer because RSTLNE had already been put on the board.

Then there were a few others that shared their feelings on the puzzle. One person wrote, “I wouldn’t have been able to answer the puzzle because I would be on the floor laughing.”

Eventually, after everyone collectively lost their minds for a hot minute, it was revealed and everyone was way off. We’ll let you figure it out.

If you still haven’t figured it out and are dying to know the answer, the show later revealed that the missing letters spelled out “Back at work.” Yeah, we didn’t get it either!


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