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15 Funny Pictures That Show What Happens When Your Kids Are Left Alone


The movie Home Alone is generally played during Christmas time but it also offers a stark warning as to why we shouldn’t leave our children home alone. Whether it is in fear of sleazy bandits who can’t seem to outsmart a 9-year-old or simply because those little fellas can barely reach the stove, there is a multitude of safety reasons in regards to why you shouldn’t leave your kids at home unattended.

However, there will be times when you have to turn your back to them and deal with other things.

Here are 15 hilarious pictures that prove why you should always keep an eye on your kids.

If you can’t leave kids unattended in a car, then there should be no reason a parent or guardian can leave their kid unattended at home.

YouTube Home Alone

This child clearly ran out of space in his coloring book so he decided to color in the spots of his dog.

As kids we all like bubble baths (I mean I still enjoy a bubble bath nowadays…) but I am pretty sure these three kids poured a little extra in when mom turned around.

How mad would you be if you found your child cutting up your 100 dollar bills for an arts and crafts project? In her defense, a renminbi or a Chinese Yuan is only worth around $15 each.

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