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15 Funny Pictures That Show What Happens When Your Kids Are Left Alone


The movie Home Alone is generally played during Christmas time but it also offers a stark warning as to why we shouldn’t leave our children home alone. Whether it is in fear of sleazy bandits who can’t seem to outsmart a 9-year-old or simply because those little fellas can barely reach the stove, there is a multitude of safety reasons in regards to why you shouldn’t leave your kids at home unattended.

However, there will be times when you have to turn your back to them and deal with other things.

Here are 15 hilarious pictures that prove why you should always keep an eye on your kids.

If you can’t leave kids unattended in a car, then there should be no reason a parent or guardian can leave their kid unattended at home.

YouTube Home Alone

This child clearly ran out of space in his coloring book so he decided to color in the spots of his dog.

As kids we all like bubble baths (I mean I still enjoy a bubble bath nowadays…) but I am pretty sure these three kids poured a little extra in when mom turned around.

How mad would you be if you found your child cutting up your 100 dollar bills for an arts and crafts project? In her defense, a renminbi or a Chinese Yuan is only worth around $15 each.

Firstly, why did the child make the cat into some sort of super villain character and how did the child get the cat to stay so still for so long. And didn’t the parents realize something was up since their child was quiet for so long?

When the trail of flour leads to your crib and you still try and play it off like ‘hey, it wasn’t me!’ The look on his face accompanied with that hand gesture seems to indicate that he wants no part of the impending retribution.

How does someone love jam so much that they fall asleep with their hand in the jar? I mean the kid’s got jam all over his face and bed sheets. Do you want ants? ‘Cause that’s how you get ants.

Who needs a keyboard with keys anyways? I mean it’s not like they serve a function. At what point did the parent realize the laptop was too late to be saved and just let their child keep going?

This one might be the tamest of all. A child put a sock on the pet’s head and the dog is actually willing to sit and pose for a photo!

Wait…how is she covered in paint from the neck down? Did she immerse herself into a tub of white paint? Or did she pour it on herself?


Kids love to express themselves. They need a canvas to showcase to their parents their creativity and their love for them. But I am not sure the hood of the car is the best piece of canvas for that.

Kids love to play make-believe. And in this case, this dog is playing the role of a high-class lady who is enjoying an afternoon of tea.

When your younger sibling just won’t leave you alone so the best way to deal with them is to throw them in the cage.

There is only room for one in the bathtub so someone has to go in the toilet bowl. How did they decide who goes where? Maybe a game of rock, paper, and scissors? Or maybe they pulled straws?

What are those things? Are those the beans of a bean bag chair? How do they get stuck to his body like that? Is he magnetic or something?

Kids like to play in the rain or run around in the mud. But this seems to be a little excessive. Not only is the clean up going to be tedious now, but who knows what is lying underneath all that mud?!


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