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16 Funny And Weird Photos From Around The World


Thanks to the internet we have a massive arsenal of photos that will make us:

  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Scream
  • And even think.

These photos are a mix of all these, mostly they will just make you go ‘Whoa!’ There are unlikely and weird things that happen everyday all over the world.

Some of them are thankfully captured for the rest of our entertainment.

This photo looks like a page out of my dream home, specifically my dream bathroom. What is wrong with wanting to have a burger or hot dog in the shower? And to further that what is wrong with having some ketchup in the shower at all times for when you need to top off your shower snack? Nothing I say.

1the BERRY

This photo looks like out my nightmares. Can you imagine you bite into some deliciously unhealthy only expecting grease and cheese to come oozing into your mouth and you bite into a nail instead?!? This should be considered a crime against humanity.

2eBaum’s World

Some parents may wish that this was an actual part of all parks, either because they wish they could get rid of their own kids or other kids. If it was a trap set up by some kidnapper, it should probably be covered up with something so that kid’s don’t know that is there!

3All About Free Books

Have you ever had a toilet cat? Me neither. Who knows why this guy likes to take a little sit in the toilet but he seems to be in a state of meditation. Or a state of pooping.

4Bizar Bin

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