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They say rules are meant to be broken and that might be true in SOME instances, but there are just some rules that shouldn’t be broken. Like, don’t jump into the ocean when the shark warning sign is out, or don’t go out into the rainforest when gorillas have been on a human-eating spree.

But some people just like to push the boundaries and that allows the rest of us to watch in excitement, fear and with sweaty hands.

Here are 8 pictures of people defying the rules that were given to them.

Not only did this guy go way above the speed limit, he also decided to invest in a bristol board in order to make sure that his name was associated with his score.


The hard part isn’t peeing on the cone, it’s preventing any of the splash-back from getting on your clothes.


Honestly, what kind of car can fly through a brick wall like that? And I sincerely hope no one was injured from this.


Is this real or just photoshopped? Who can possibly use that soccer field? I’m pretty sure there are hundreds if not thousands of soccer balls just casually lying in the bottom of that pond.


You know you have spent your time at work wisely when you decide to interlock each and every sticky note with each other to make it resemble one of those old school blue and pink erasers.


Good ol’ fashioned dad joke right here. For his sake let’s just hope that isn’t poison ivy he’s toying with.


At least this sign is honest. You can run along the field, so long as the bull doesn’t impale you first!


Does everyone have to hop out of their car and draw a bridge whenever they encounter this sign? Is this the origin of traffic jams?



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