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Someone Just Perfectly Explained Why Depression Makes People So Tired, And More People Need To See It


Typically, mental illness is tough to notice. The only way that people know that someone is suffering from mental illness is if they talk about it. Which doesn’t happen all the time. That’s why it sometimes becomes invisible to the public. But there are a few ways to spot it.

Recently, 22-year-old visual artist and mental health advocate Pauline Palita turned to Twitter to let people know a way to spot those who are struggling with mental health. It’s gotten a positive response from people. It’s people like this that push society to talk about mental illness more.

She started her Twitter thread by writing, “Allow me to explain why mental illness can make people so tired. Chances are, if you know someone with a mental disorder or disability, you might have asked them or thought, “why are you tired?””

Pauline notes that when people ask her “how are you doing”, her response is usually “I’m fine, just tired”. People typically accept that reply and for Pauline, saying this isn’t a complaint…rather it’s just a fact of life.

You see, Pauline told Bored Panda, “I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I’ve decided to become a mental health advocate because I knew there were a lot of people out there fighting the same silent battles”.

So why are people who have a mental illness always so tired? Well, Pauline explains on her Twitter. She writes, “…These are people whose brains are stuck in overdrive and have a great amount of difficulty unwinding to fall asleep at night”.

Twitter @PJ_PALITS

She continues, “For the “average” person, it takes seven minutes to fall asleep. Imagine crawling into bed exhausted and it takes the average of an hour to fall asleep, instead of seven minutes. Every nap and bathroom break and the brain relaxation delay begins again”.

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