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This Is Why Jerry Seinfeld Refused To Hug Kesha

Hugging someone you don’t know, how do you feel about that? Jerry Seinfeld refused to give Kesha a hug during a red carpet interview and it has now gone viral and has got many people talking and writing about it.

There were mixed reactions to what Seinfeld did. Some found it humorous, while others found it rude. In Seinfeld’s defense, he claimed that he didn’t know Kesha and that she is a stranger to him.

Some people also just aren’t fond of being touched or hugged in general, so imagine if it is someone that you don’t know. Unfortunately, physical contact is something that is all around us. Some people just prefer to give someone a handshake instead.

Luckily, Kesha was not offended by the matter. Seinfeld claimed that off-camera, they both had a good chuckle about it. But in case you’re wondering, Seinfeld still did not hug her. 

If you watch the video, it looks like a comedy skit. The part when Seinfeld says “no thanks,” that’s where people might get the impression that he is being mean. But as he says in the video, he doesn’t even know who she is.

In Seinfeld’s reality, he doesn’t hug a total stranger. He needs to know them first before he can hug them. The moment was evidently comedic as it totally represented Seinfeld’s character, as he is a comedian. 

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Clearly, Seinfeld made a case for himself and for his defense. He claimed that he has to meet someone and say hello. He feels as though a hug isn’t the first thing you do when you meet someone you haven’t met. 

Seinfeld turned the case into more of a laughable matter rather than something very serious. Seinfeld continued to joke about the matter that he has a “borderline harassment case” that he has to deal with now. 

It makes sense that Kesha knows who Seinfeld is and that Seinfeld doesn’t know who Kesha is. Seinfeld is an iconic figure in the TV world as well as being a comedian. Although Kesha is also well known, she isn’t as popular as Seinfeld. 

After Seinfeld acknowledged that hugging isn’t something he’s a big fan of, he did give the television personality AJ a hug. This is because he has known him for quite some time so he feels more comfortable embracing him in this way. 


At the end of the day, this incident sheds light on the fact that some people aren’t big fans of being touched or hugged. Some people are totally comfortable hugging people they might not know very well.


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