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Why People Start Freaking Out When They Haven’t Been Intimate With Their Partner For A While


When you’re intimate with your partner do you feel a sense of closeness and intimacy that is unrivaled by any other experience? If you do, it makes total sense. Having intercourse is one of the most intimate things you can do with another human being, and it’s only normal to feel certain emotions when the deed is done.

You might also notice that you feel a little bit off or even anxious if you and your partner haven’t engaged in the hanky-panky in a while. If you’ve ever felt this in your own intimate relationships, you’ll be happy to hear that based on a recent study, it’s completely normal to feel anxious when you haven’t made love with your partner in a while.

Here’s why.

Andrea Meltzer, a psychological scientist at Florida State University, recently introduced a new phenomenon in a study published in the Association For Psychological Science.

The study examines the phenomenon of “sexual afterglow.” In the study, Meltzer (the lead author) says that the positive effects of being intimate with your partner only last up to 48 hours after the deed is done.

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The study also says that this “afterglow” is also pertinent to the quality of your relationship in the long term.

The research shows that satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after two people are intimate. People with a stronger afterglow—measured as people who report a higher level of satisfaction 48 hours after being intimate with each other—reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction several months later. 

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