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Expert Provides Thoughts On Why Prince George May Always Be Wearing Shorts


Little Prince George just celebrated his 4th birthday on July 22nd and Kensington Palace responded by releasing an adorable portrait of the little prince. But if you have been keeping an eye on the royal family then you might have noticed that the whole family has quite the fashion sense. From the Duchess of Cambridge to Princess Charlotte, everyone in the family seems to have their own unique style.

But for Prince George, he seems to only strictly wear shorts.

Despite the season or the weather, the young boy is almost always seen in shorts and an expert is here to explain why.

On Christmas Day, the charming prince was seen sporting a gray formal coat, along with high socks and a pair of shorts.

And then again on a trip to Canada, the Prince could be seen wearing a pair of red shorts.

Maybe this is just because Prince George has an awesome sense of style despite his age but in reality, an etiquette expert has stated that this is due to tradition.

PeoplePeople Magazine

In an interview, etiquette expert William Hanson said: ‘Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas shorts on young boys is one of those silent class markers we have in England.’


It is considered ‘suburban’ or ‘middle-class’ for a young boy (under the age of 8) to be wearing trousers. And we all know there is nothing ‘middle-class’ or ‘suburban’ about the royal family.


William continues on by saying that a newborn spends their first two to three years in a gown and only when they become ‘breeched’ do they graduate to shorts and trousers.

HelloHello Magazine

He also explains that Prince George probably won’t be wearing long pants until he is about 8 years old.


And Prince George’s father and uncle, Prince William and Harry, wore shorts exclusively up until they were 8 years old as well! At least now we know why!



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