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Why You Never See Prince William Wear A Wedding Ring

No one can doubt that Prince William settled in quite well into his life as a family man. But attentive royal fans have noticed that since his wedding in April 2011 he’s never once worn his wedding band. The reason is very simple, and it was actually revealed by St. James Palace officials back when the wedding took place.

According to the royal source, Prince William discussed it with his wife, Duchess of Cornwall Kate Middleton, and decided not to wear his wedding band because he simply doesn’t like wearing jewelry of any kind. There are no reasons to doubt the love between the couple, and in order to put rumors to their deathbed, the royal aide said that the decision came “simply down to personal preference.”


Kate, on the other hand, wears a band made from a lump of gold extracted from the Clogau St. David’s mine at Bontddu in North Wales. The band was already owned by the Royal Family and she received it during the Westminster Abbey wedding that took place on April 29. Using Welsh gold in royal wedding bands is one of the institutions longest-standing traditions.

Prince William isn’t the first or the only royal who went ring-free after getting married. The Queen’s other half, Prince Philip, has also never worn a ring in the 70 years that they’ve been married. Prince Charles, however, is comfortable with jewelry; he wears a wedding band next to a signet ring on the little finger of his left hand.

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