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White Supremacists Are Taking Ancestry DNA Tests And They Aren’t Happy About The Results


Once upon a time, white nationalism was a movement that consisted of isolated people. But today, it’s taken more of an ugly turn. Groups are walking around with lit torches, writing profanities on Twitter and tempers are generally hot.

It’s not easy or even incredibly cheap to get a hold of a genetic ancestry test but sociologists Aaron Panofsky and Joan Donovan have set out to study the rising trend of white nationalists using genetic ancestry testing (GAT).

They wanted to reaffirm what these white nationalists imagined about their identity. Once the results came in, many of them were pretty disappointed by their results, according to iflscience. The two presented their work at the annual American Sociological Association on August 14 in Montreal, Canada.

This came at the perfect time with all that’s been going on in Charlottesville. The two posted on a white and neo-Nazi online forum set up by a former KKK Grand Wizard.

For years they’ve sorted through this forum and observed how over 600 people reacted to their GAT results. Some were pleasantly surprised while others were not.

Panofsky explained in an article for Cultural Anthropology that many people were actually pleasantly surprised with their results.

He wrote, “I was surprised there wasn’t more German. Evidently, the Y DNA said ‘Nordic’ and traces back to the Cimbri tribe, which settled in Denmark.”

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