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12 Prom Dresses Bought Online That Will Make You Stick To The Mall


Prom season just ended and tons of teenagers got to celebrate the special milestone. A big part of prom for the ladies is the outfit. Some girls plan what they’re going to wear to prom for the entire year. Some girls go shopping and try on various dresses with their friends before settling on the perfect one, and others decide to look online.

Ordering dresses online is definitely a bit of a hit and miss process though. There are so many dresses and gowns sold at attractive prices, but there have been countless situations in which the dress that arrives looks nothing like the dress that was ordered.

Without actually being able to see what you are paying for, you are putting a lot of trust into the company that you chose to order from, so make sure you do your research and choose wisely.

Here are 12 prom dresses that were ordered online that look nothing like what was ordered. They will totally make you stick to shopping at the mall.

1. Oh boy, this basically looks like she’s wearing poofy white curtains. The most bizarre part is the circles that are placed right on her chest. 

2. Yikes! Where did the sleeves come from? This is wrong on so many levels. It almost looks like the beaded part is separate from the red.

3. Again with the weird circle on her chest. Why would anyone think that this would be flattering? It looks like she has pancakes just hanging out on her chest.

4. Looks like someone should have double checked the length of their order. Doesn’t exactly fit correctly.

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