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Open Letter Urges Prince William And Kate Middleton Not To Have 3rd Child


When you’re a part of a famous family, it’s inevitable that you will be the center of attention. Especially if you happen to be a part of the royal family. Every step, decision, and even outfit the royals make will be criticized by a watchful eye, as well as being inspiring and influencing the masses that follow and like them.

Even things as personal and mundane as the royal children are in the news almost every other day, with several people wanting to offer their advice and opinions. Most recently, the San-Fransisco-based parenting company Having Kids has written an open letter to Prince William and Kate voicing their opinions on the couple having a third child.

Due to some interesting reasoning, the company respectfully asks that the royal couple keep their family at two children and to ‘consider forgoing having a third child.’ Keep on reading to find out why.

In the open letter to Prince William and Kate, ‘Having Kids’ respectfully asks the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to consider stopping after their second child. 

The company promotes smaller families and has posted a letter to their website which details their opinions on the royal family’s children. 

The letter has been signed by the company’s president, Carter Dillard, and executive director Anne Green who have noted the royal family’s public influence. 

The letter offers a few ‘helpful’ suggestions and facts to the royal family, suggesting that a larger family is not what they should be promoting and that several people base their family planning on the royal family. 

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