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12 Pictures Proving That The Wind Has A Sense Of Humor

When there’s too much wind, it can really ruin your day. As these windy day photos show, wind damage can be a devastating problem to deal with. At the same time though, there is a lot of humor in how the wind can really ruin just about anything from an outdoor wedding to a nice walk in the park.

Each windy day photo illustrates how the wind can make anyone’s day that much harder, even if you’re a celebrity. When there’s too much wind, it’s almost impossible to deal with. The wind makes things colder, it turns umbrellas inside out, and it steals people’s hats. It’s pretty funny ot watch. Less so when it’s happening to you.

These 12 windy day photos perfectly illustrate that the wind itself can have a wicked sense of humor. It can make us laugh even when it’s creating a lot of expensive damage to homes, vehicles, and people’s property. We can all laugh at these windy day photos, unless we know we have to step outside into an equally windy day.

1. This first windy day photo shows that sometimes when the wind knocks trees over, the trees decide that they’re just going to take the ground with them.

2. There was just too much wind for Elizabeth Olsen during this photo shoot. It really goes to show that the wind doesn’t care if you’re famous, it keeps doing its thing anyway.

3. What these windy day photos really prove is that the wind doesn’t have any qualms about ruining a perfectly good photo op, even if it involves two fluffy puppies.

4. Wind damage can happen anywhere. The wind doesn’t even care about what it does to our human structures. It just laughs at you as you drive to the next station.

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