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Winona Ryder Had The Most Epic Response To Her School Bully Asking For An Autograph

Hollywood actress Winona Ryder has quickly taken the spotlight again with her starring role on Stranger Things as Joyce Byers, the mother of Will Byers, the boy who famously goes missing in the season one premiere.


Now, Winona is making headlines again with an interaction she once had with a fan in a cafe. The tale comes from Nigel Goodall’s book, Winona Ryder: A Biography, where the fan recounts to the author about an experience she had from childhood that seemed to haunt her again in her adult years.

The excerpt from the book was shared on Twitter, by @bluevalentine which quickly went viral in light of Winona’s recent return to the spotlight. The tale recounts how an old school bully of hers approached her in a cafe, hoping to obtain an autograph from the actress. Whether or not the bully remembered Winona remains to be seen, but Winona recounts that she swiftly denied the former-bully any such pleasure.

The best part of this story is the justice behind it. Any person with an experience of bullying can tell you that it can leave emotional and traumatic scars from childhood well into adulthood. It’s always a good feeling when you can make the rational decision as an adult to stand up for yourself, a feeling you don’t necessarily have as a child. The following excerpt details exactly how the interaction went down between Winona and the Bully.

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