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Comic-Con Attendee Wins The Internet By Cosplaying As The Actual Convention Center.

cos main Twitter/@Ssnyder1835

Attending a comic convention is always a great experience because it’s always during events like these that people bring their best cosplay game. Comic conventions are the best places to see your favorite characters from comics, video games, movies, books, and anime.

Scott Snyder, a DC comics writer who is most known for his run in Batman, posted a photo of someone cosplaying the Javits Convention Centre in New York City, where the convention was taking place.

When he posted the photo on Twitter – the entire world was decided. The Javits Convention Centre cosplayer definitely won for the best costume. Here are some reactions from fans expressing their love for the costume idea on Twitter:

Twitter user mato saw (@matosaw) wrote: “Ok, cancel all other cosplays, WE HAVE A WINNER. SOUND THE HOOOORNS!!! LIGHT THE BEACONS!!!” He’s obviously very excited…

But he’s not alone in thinking the costume is fantastic. Twitter user ahlanina…! (@honeybakedhella) even had an idea on how to make the costume even better.

Pipleline Comics (@pipelinecomics) exposed the costume wearer’s attempt to show off the curves of the building. They’re not wrong – those pants are certainly hugging some places.

Joshua Moreno (@rk118moreno) made an interesting point. He wrote, “Why go to the convention when you can the convention Amirite?” Indeed, you are right. But why choose if you can do both?

Here is probably the best suggestion of them all coming from Kevin Brackett (@KevinRBrackett), who wrote: “Next year he needs to cosplay as this tweet.”

Twitter user and cosplayer Ryan La Sala (@Ryality) was at the event with his friend. They were both dressed as Hawkman and tweeted a reply to the photo saying: “We couldn’t get in :(.”

And Twitter user ChieMACABRE Ezie (@CEChiemekaEzie) came up with a foolproof mathematical equation. He wrote: “If your cosplay at a convention *technically* contains every other cosplay at the convention, you win cosplay, right?” Yes, you definitely do.

A huge thank you to the cosplayer who absolutely set the bar for costumes much higher. @BRIANMBENDIS wrote: “Whoever you are, wherever you are, I just want you to know that you won the convention. You won. You are the new mayor of comics.”


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