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16 Witty Tweets That Convey The Power And Wisdom Of Women

Women have a lot to say about their experiences, and we can all learn something from what they share with us. These witty tweets from women are hilarious, but also insightful. They demonstrate the power and wisdom of women when facing their own trials in life.

Women are awesome, and these funny and true tweets contain a lot of humor as well as heart. Whether it’s talking about daily stress or sharing a personal life story, what these funny women tweet will definitely brighten up your day.

These 16 witty tweets from women are a great way to start the day. They are also a great way for guys to get an idea of what women go through every day of their lives. We can all learn something from what these women have to say, and the hilarious way they deliver it makes it that much better.

1. Unfortunately for this woman, her husband only manages to keep himself clean when committing adultery. He is definitely not a keeper.

2. Women need other strong women in their lives when things go wrong. If you’re getting divorced, it’s good to know you have these people.

3. What’s more appealing: someone who watches something that is basically just filler for commercials, or someone who truly expresses their feelings?

4. Getting through the week can be pretty hard, and if it’s a particularly tough seven days, it can really take a toll on you.

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