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24 Pictures That Prove Women Are Definitely More ‘Savage’ Than Men


Every so often, the human race astonishes us with its ability to be incredibly sexist, especially the male of the species. In a largely dominated world, we turn to all those strong women who are able to really dish it out like it is.

These warriors of truth and soldiers of sass show us the true meaning of the word savage. This is one reason why all of us love the internet. For content like this that keeps us in stitches. One of the main reasons the internet has been so successful is its ability to be a platform to give a voice to anyone living anywhere.

It connects us in ways we never thought possible, sometimes it connects us in a bad way by allowing open criticism or sexism. The following 25 pictures are hilarious and truthful examples of how women can be more savage than men. They show us how strong they are, by giving us amazing truthful reactions to some ridiculous criticisms and responses.

1. Man-Flu: When Twitter user Kimora Lee (@jameelajoie) logged onto her Twitter account, she had a serious grievance to make with her opinion of how men deal with things vs how women deal with this. This lady took no time in letting us know how she felt about men dealing with the flu:

2. Savage Mama Bear: In the wonderful world of memes, Reddit user diablopabloIRL uploaded this meme taken from the CBC Canadian Television kids program titled Little Bear. Here, diablopabloIRL has hypothesized a comparison, which probably from hidden memories of his own childhood, about Mama Bear absolutely crushing Little Bears dreams. So very, very savage:

3. Dudes And Their Sports: There’s a lot of controversy around women and sports, particularly when it comes to knowledge about certain teams or members. Twitter user Jordan Rose (@maliagif) logged on and decided to express how she feels with this savage tweet, dishing out some major truth bombs about dudes and their bro sports:

4. A Better Future: In a world of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic films and television shows, you’d think that fantasizing about a new world order is purely a thing of fiction. Well, not for Twitter user Just Gwen (@msgwenl) who lets us know that she wishes there could be a different world for her to live in altogether. Us too:

4Twitter | @msgwenl

5. Where You At?: This tweet from CubanDaSavage (@glocuban) has guys really shaking in their boots. It portrays a young lady in hilarious indecision about whether or not to be truthful to her bae. They captions the picture put out on the internet which demonstrates just how fragile some of our relationships might be:

6. Let’s Mansplain Something Here: Twitter user Lana Berry (@Lana) tried making a “mansplaining” joke to the MLB to try and be ironic. The MLB posted a photo showcasing the ‘standard’ for most beautiful baseball stadiums ever. Lana Berry had a hilarious response. Unfortunately for her, a not-so-bright twitter user decided to dish out some heat back at her. Lana Berry savagely posted his response for the world to see:

7. April Fools!: Every so often, people take April Fools so seriously that they end up giving you some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from their terrifying pranks. However, some pranks don’t have to be outward scare tactics, and instead can be terrifying mind games. Take this lady’s April Fool’s prank for example:

8. April Fools!: Every so often, people take April Fools so seriously that they end up giving you some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from their terrifying pranks. However, some pranks don’t have to be outward scare tactics, and instead can be terrifying mind games. Take this lady’s April Fool’s prank for example:

9. Hannah Is Sneaky: A lot of women have to deal with men begging for their phone numbers when they’re out on the town. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when some creep is insisting that you give him their number. In Hannah’s case, she was already taken, and decided to be savage in a way we never thought possible:

10. It’s Not You, It’s Me: Twitter user Amber Tozer (@AmberTozer) explains how she feels using a meme of a really adorable puppy and a not-so-impressed teddy bear. She creates a scenario, perhaps from personal experience, where the guy she spent the night with is as cuddly and needy as the tiny puppy:

11. Headline Sexism: In a huge revelation of a tweet, Twitter user Ali V. (@alivingiano) teaches us how we can all experience true sexism by looking at a headline from two huge athletes. One a world record-setting, and the other a silver medal. You’d think the silver medal would become secondary, but not according to this newspaper:

12. The Force Is Strong With This Make-Up: A lot of girls, unfortunately, get a bad wrap when it comes to applying cosmetics. Men criticize that they’re wearing too much or not enough. Twitter user Beth (@imteddybless) decided to showcase her reaction when a man tells her that she isn’t wearing enough make-up:

13. God Bless Katie: Ah high school. That turbulent time when boys become men, or in poor Katie’s case, boys stay boys. Prom is always a scary time for everyone, and every young woman deserves to be treated with the kind of respect she deserves. In this boy’s case, Katie lets him know exactly how she feels about this straightforward, assuming letter:

14. Feminism Metaphors: For whatever reason, many people still believe that feminism is about inequality and misandry towards men. But this is not at all the case. Tumblr is a great platform to express how you feel about the topic, and more often than not it’s a great way to deliver some savage truth bombs. Take this metaphor for example:

15. The System: Oh man, Twitter user Selena Coppock (@SelenaCoppock) wasted no time in letting the world know what she thinks about white straight men. It was even something as ridiculous as a malfunctioning computer mouse that set off this woman’s rage. Good for you lady. We appreciate you and this next level savagery:

16. Can I See Your True Colors?: Internet user ‘Evabadon’ is fed up with men telling her what to wear. In a recent post, she explains how a comment made by a man to her is probably one of the more idiotic statements ever made. Especially considering what kind of make-up she might be wearing:

17. Girls Can Do What They Want!: User ‘floozys’ wanted us all to know that girls are not bound to society’s expectations, especially in 2017. Gone are the days where women had to adhere to a certain set of standards set by men. No-Shave November is for everyone! Not just women:

18. Wonder Women Unite: For whatever reason, the recent DC adaptation of Wonder Woman seems to have some men threatened. Perhaps they just aren’t used to seeing strong women in power. At any rate, Twitter user Shannon Coulter (@shannoncoulter) decided to tell it like it is, with the hilarious ‘boardroom’ meeting meme:

19. Type Into Google, OH SNAP: Tumblr is always a great platform for hilarious community dialogue. It’s also a great place to issue some serious shade in response to a bunch of different haters. Tumblr user sassy-spoon did not hesitate to let user ‘nerdbird’ what a ridiculous statement his was about comparing women to google:


20. Tis A New Era For Ladies: Back in the days of yore, women were encouraged to ride horses “side saddle” to appear more ladylike. Not only was this dangerous, it was equally uncomfortable. Women were constantly encouraged to sit properly. Now, Tumblr user ‘editoress’ gives us this hilarious image to explain how she feels about having to be a lady by today’s standards:

21. Again With The makeup: It seems women just can’t escape men’s criticisms when it comes to applying their own make-up. Fortunately, there are women in the world who use their savage nature and turn their phrases on a dime for all of us to laugh at. This is exactly the case with Tumblr user ‘jewlsies’ when she responded some lovely advice for her critics:

22. Never Noticed Them: Twitter user Rosie Balls (@RosieBalls) tweeted at another twitter account called @EverydaySexism that brings light to the challenges behind this kind of discrimination. The story that Rosie Balls tells is about what a man once said to her, and her reaction to his words are absolutely priceless:

23. A Beautiful Plant: A plant was discovered recently that resembled a beautiful part of a woman’s body. People were quick to point out how delightful it is. That is until one user decided to make a bet about the discovery of who found this type of plant. Internet profile “mommylovescake” gave the perfect response with a bet of her own:

24. Bag of Breadsticks: It might seem confusing to some, but Twitter user Gabby Noone (@twelveoclocke) explains about a meme that was popular several years ago where if you go on a date with a man you don’t like, you should basically just take the breadsticks and leave. Gabby Noone is so savage she’s letting us know that you don’t even need to go on a date with a man to do that. Just take them anyway. Problem solved:


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