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24 Pictures That Prove Women Are Definitely More ‘Savage’ Than Men


Every so often, the human race astonishes us with its ability to be incredibly sexist, especially the male of the species. In a largely dominated world, we turn to all those strong women who are able to really dish it out like it is.

These warriors of truth and soldiers of sass show us the true meaning of the word savage. This is one reason why all of us love the internet. For content like this that keeps us in stitches. One of the main reasons the internet has been so successful is its ability to be a platform to give a voice to anyone living anywhere.

It connects us in ways we never thought possible, sometimes it connects us in a bad way by allowing open criticism or sexism. The following 25 pictures are hilarious and truthful examples of how women can be more savage than men. They show us how strong they are, by giving us amazing truthful reactions to some ridiculous criticisms and responses.

1. Man-Flu: When Twitter user Kimora Lee (@jameelajoie) logged onto her Twitter account, she had a serious grievance to make with her opinion of how men deal with things vs how women deal with this. This lady took no time in letting us know how she felt about men dealing with the flu:

2. Savage Mama Bear: In the wonderful world of memes, Reddit user diablopabloIRL uploaded this meme taken from the CBC Canadian Television kids program titled Little Bear. Here, diablopabloIRL has hypothesized a comparison, which probably from hidden memories of his own childhood, about Mama Bear absolutely crushing Little Bears dreams. So very, very savage:

3. Dudes And Their Sports: There’s a lot of controversy around women and sports, particularly when it comes to knowledge about certain teams or members. Twitter user Jordan Rose (@maliagif) logged on and decided to express how she feels with this savage tweet, dishing out some major truth bombs about dudes and their bro sports:

4. A Better Future: In a world of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic films and television shows, you’d think that fantasizing about a new world order is purely a thing of fiction. Well, not for Twitter user Just Gwen (@msgwenl) who lets us know that she wishes there could be a different world for her to live in altogether. Us too:

4Twitter | @msgwenl

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