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Woman Dumps Her Husband After Seeing The View From Her Bedroom Window On Another Girl’s Instagram

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The initial goal of social media may have been to bring people closer together, but sometimes it can end up being the catalyst that tears them apart. One woman experienced the latter after a quick scroll through her Instagram feed exposed her husband’s infidelity.

It wasn’t a direct message or a photo of another woman that tipped Yulia Agranovych off to her spouse’s adultery. In fact, the clue was hidden in a seemingly innocuous Instagram of a St. Petersburg view, one which looked just a little too familiar.

The Instagram prompted Agranovych to lurk further, and in just a few taps, her husband’s true colors were revealed. Now, Yulia is filing for divorce after discovering that she wasn’t dealing with just one mistress, she was dealing with many.

Dentist and former model, Yulia Agranovych, began her morning like most others in the social media age, checking her Instagram timeline. However, her scrolling slowed to a halt when she came across one post from an account belonging to a woman she didn’t know, Vlada Abramovich.

The Instagram, captioned: “City Lights,” showed a view of St. Petersburg, Russia, where she lives. While the picture may appear far from incriminating, Agranovych instantly recognized where it was taken from — her bedroom.

Naturally, Agranovych’s curiosity piqued and she began to look through Vlada’s Instagram profile. Yulia’s suspicions were confirmed after she found pictures of her husband, Nazar Grynko, on her photo feed.

Grynko’s cameo on Vlada’s profile was all the evidence Yulia needed to leave the snide comment under the initial Instagram: “Beautiful view from my husband’s bedroom.” Despite the wildly suggestive information on public display, Nazar was quick to try and deny his infidelity.

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