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A Woman Is Defending Her Body After Getting Accused Of Being Way Too Skinny


Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova is a Russian model who achieved stardom via Instagram. She’s known for her incredibly slim and toned physique along with a teeny tiny waist. Now everyone, whether male or female, strives for a tiny waist and a nice set of broad and wide shoulders.

But recently, this model was receiving some backlash for allegedly being ‘too skinny’ and having too thin of a waist.

However, the Russian model was unfazed by their comments and remains steadfast in her self-love.

Read more to find out.

On a video on her Instagram, Maria showcased her thin waist by measuring it online. It came out to a whopping 23 inches (or 59 centimeters). This is approximately the average waist size of a seven-year-old!

The mother of three showcased her body and says that she is proud of what she has achieved. She can only fit into the ultra rare dress size of triple zero.

Although no woman should ever have to defend how they look, Maria still gets bombarded with comments and complaints about setting an unrealistic standard for women and young girls.

Others claim she used Photoshop or a plastic surgeon to achieve her ‘un-achievable’ physique.

One user commented: ‘why wouldn’t you admit it? This is not your victory, but one of a very good plastic surgeon.’

The 33-year-old explained: ‘prior to giving birth I worked out all the time and I thought if I am working out I can eat anything I want, I am killing myself at a gym.’

She continued on by saying: ‘I couldn’t get why my waist was 65 or 67 centimeters (25 or 26 inches.) Only after three pregnancies did I manage to control my will and start eating healthy.’

Since then she says that she has achieved the waistline that she is proud of and says: ‘I am happy about my victories. My waist is 59 centimeters and in the morning it is 58 centimeters.’


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