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Woman Feels ‘Beautiful In Her Own Skin’ After 7-Hour Transformation Before Wedding

The critique of others can sometimes have a lasting impact on us. Often we respond to negative comments or the stereotypes placed on us by internalizing them.

Holly from Destin, Florida is a perfect example of that. After being told by her father that women must have long hair in order to be pretty, she let her hair grow out long to her hips.

She responded to her dad’s criticism by internalizing it. Though her hair grew long, comfort and acceptance were far from what she felt. Instead, she became uncomfortable in her own skin.

The length of her hair speaks to how long Holly held on to her father’s judgment. Her hair no longer had a defined shape or style. Even its color was neglected.

However, Holly was about to get married and so in preparation, she booked an appointment with Avant Garde Salon to change her look.

But Holly didn’t just get a change, she got a whole transformation and now looks completely unrecognizable. Hair dressers are truly wizards.

The stylist, Jeremy Harfield, began by informing her that her long tresses were holding her back and had to go. Good thing too, because her new cut frames her face beautifully.

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