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Before Daughter’s Wedding, Woman Felt Unnoticed, But This Beautiful Makeover Has Her Standing Out

Confidence is a skill that you build up little by little. There are people out there who will go out of their way to crush the confidence you’ve gathered in regards to anything you do, but that only works if you let it. We can build confidence for anything: art, music, fashion, etc. But undoubtedly, the hardest thing to be confident in is our looks.

Being confident in the way we look and being comfortable in our own skin and with our own bodies is difficult at any age. We are constantly changing, and so even if we were confident in our looks at 25 we may no longer be confident in them three decades later.

And that’s exactly how this mother was feeling just weeks before her daughter’s wedding. In hopes of building her confidence back up before the big event, Bev reached out to the Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, and asked for his help in making her feel beautiful and refreshed again. Luckily, Hopkins was more than willing to help.

While sitting in Hopkins’ salon, Bev confessed that she’s been feeling invisible for years. She said she wanted to “feel alive again.” Hopkins got straight to work, snipping and trimming Bev’s already short hair into a more clean cut bob and coloring her faded brown locks into something darker and a little more sultry.

And hair wasn’t the only thing that Hopkins did for Bev. Her makeup style was refreshed too. She was given a beautiful, natural looking face with long dark lashes and a cute pink lip. She was even compared to the wondrous Meryl Streep after it was all said and done.

The moment Hopkins reveals Bev’s new look, she’s unable to believe it. Her blue eyes go wide and she stares at herself in the mirror, turning her head from side to side to get a better look. After the makeover experience was over, Bev pointed out how her husband never seems to notice her hair cuts, but how he’d “better notice tonight.”

In the end, Bev was all smiles and had found that confidence she’d lost long ago. Scroll down to watch the video of Bev’s full transformation!


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