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Woman Got Her Period On A Hike, Her Male Friend’s Response Was Genius

A woman got her period on a hike. That’s probably every girl’s worst nightmare….regardless if they are on a hike, on a date, or just running a few errands. I mean, what do you do when mother nature wishes to welcome you unexpectedly? Most women will agree that periods generally suck, so it’s even worse when they come as a surprise.

It’s really not uncommon. Again, it can hit you when you least expected at any moment…like while on a mountain hike. That’s exactly what happened to one woman while she was on a mountain hike and she told her story on Reddit, using the username I_Removed_Something. Honestly, thank goodness for her friend Dave. He’s now being named “The Period Fairy”.

But before we get right into the story, the woman who got her period on a hike wanted to clarify what exactly the Period Fairy is. The user writes, “Period Fairy: A person who unexpectedly and tactfully helps you through an emergency period”. Honestly, that sounds incredible. But the story itself is even better.

The woman who got her period on a hike identifies herself as Jane. She notes that she and a group of friends- 3 men, 3 women- go for a hike at least three times a week. Only this time it happened to be just her and the three guys. Jane describes her hikes as being pretty long, around three to five hours, so it requires a ton of supplies and tools. But once they reach the end, they do get an Uber to drive them back.

The hike seems to be going great…until the group neared the end of the trail. That was when the woman got her period on the hike, also known as the “surprise period”. She writes, “So we’re hiking for hours, nothing is happening, then about twenty minutes from the end of the trail, it hits me…I didn’t feel it coming at all, and it’s like four days early”.

The woman who got her period on a hike continues, “I immediately slink back like 20 feet from the group and start having a panic attack. I had NOTHING on me and I was wearing shorts”. Thank goodness, she was wearing black shorts, right? But Jane notes that they wouldn’t hold much. She was more than confident that she would stain the Uber.

She tried to get creative, trying different temporary tactics to solve the issue. She first tried to stuff her bra down her shorts. Then she tried walking pretty slowly behind the rest of the group of males…but none of that worked. It was in that moment that Dave decided to step in.

Dave asked, “Do you need to pee?”…it was then that the woman who got her period on a hike realized that she had her hands doubled over her area. She stuttered, saying “No, I, That’s not”. That’s when Dave asked, “Period Issue?”. That’s when Jane just fully admitted that she was indeed having period issues.

What happened next was absolutely amazing. Dave saw how stressed out Jane was, so he told the rest of the guys, “Hey, Jane’s scraped her arm on a tree, I’m gonna tend to it but it’s gonna be like five minutes…just go to the road and set up lunch and call the car”. Genius Dave. Genius.

He then asks, “Pads or tampons?”…Jane is completely shocked at all this. She replies, “tampons” and the man pops out three tampons and a ton of wet-naps. On top of that, he pulls out a long sleeve black t-shirt, telling her to wrap it around her waist. THEN, he takes out a band-aid to keep up his cover story.

The woman who got her period on a hike does everything and asks the man why on earth he had all these things in his backpack. He responds, “I’ve been hiking with women for years, you think I’m stupid?”. Honestly, this guy deserves a massive medal for what he did. What a guy!

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