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A Woman Got Hilarious Revenge On Man Badgering Her For Nudes


The way we communicate with each other has changed drastically with the emergence of social media. While staying in touch has never been easier, there’s also a lot of negativity that can come with people voicing whatever they want from behind a screen.

One Twitter user, Jwzayn, has amassed almost 100,000 followers on the social media platform, which has also made her the subject of harassment from other users. One request that has truly begun to irk her is the random guys harassing her for nude photos.

Instead of shutting these guys down, Jwzayn came up with a genius way to get revenge, and the best part is, they aren’t even aware it’s happening.

Jwzayn is clearly no stranger to receiving harassment from men online. This is apparent from her pinned tweet, which contains a collection of text screenshots with the caption, “How are straight white boys even surviving?”

Turns out, you really don’t see someone’s true colors until they type them out over text message. While it’s unclear how long Jwzayn and one specific suitor had been exchanging texts, one message made it blatant that she was no longer interested.

“But I want to see you without all that necessary clothing on,” the guy wrote at 9:39 AM, assumingly after she sent him a clothed photo.

Jwzayn decided to have fun with the request by sending him a photo of the loading screen which appears when an image is in the process of downloading.

Despite the fact that the screenshot of the loading symbol wasn’t moving as it normally would, Jwzayn’s eager admirer did not seem to realize she was toying with him.

The guy desperately asked Jwzayn to send the picture again, which she happily obliged as he continued to just think something was going wrong on his end.

“I think I need to buy a new phone,” the nude-hungry texter wrote before asking if Jwzayn had a different message app they could try.

Jwzayn kept the exchange going for as long as she could and then tweeted screenshots of the conversation, which were quick to go viral.

“I’VE BEEN SENDING HIM A PICTURE OF THE LOADING SIGN AND HE STILL HASN’T REALISED LMAO,” Jwzyan tweeted alongside the text message screenshots.

The tweet was quick to receive over 7,000 retweets and 9,000 likes with a number of other Twitter users applauding Jwzayn for her innovative solution to harassers.

After receiving a number of requests for the source of her “life hack,” Jwzyan tweeted the original picture of the loading sign for other girls to save and use in the future.

11Twitter / @jwzayn

One would assume that this guy has now realized that he was being pranked considering the virality of Jwzayn’s tweet, but he probably spent an embarrassingly long time waiting for that photo to load.


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