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Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos

As social media continues to grow, people have been sharing more and more of their lives online. We can upload a status on Facebook to let people know where we are, or post a tweet about what you’re doing.

People also love to share photos of their lives via Instagram and Snapchat, and one very popular method of photography is the self portrait which is more commonly referred to as a ‘selfie’.  

Most people enjoy snapping and sharing a photos of themselves on a day when they might be looking or feeling good or doing something fun. Even celebrities get on board! Although selfies don’t make up the majority of social media, they are still insanely popular.

Some people are getting a little bit tired of the endless repetitive selfies that celebrities take showing off expensive cars or clothing, and one woman named Celeste Barber decided to recreate some. Here are 20 celebrity Instagram recreations that are hilarious.

1. I guess this is closer to reality for some people. Kate Upton sure makes it look easy, but Celeste seems to be having a little but more difficulty.

2. Nicki Minaj is known for her behind, and she sure loves to show it off. Celeste seems to be having just as much fun in this shot.

3. This picture of Kendal Jenner is one of the most liked photos on Instagram. They way her hair is so perfectly sectioned off into hearts got a lot of people’s attention. Celeste created a similar look which was probably a bit less time consuming.

4. In this cheeky shot, Celeste replaces the headgear for an Iron Man mask and the results are pretty hilarious.

5. Well the bookcase isn’t as fancy, but she does have a striped red dress! I think this shot might be more about the behind than the books. 


6. Here’s another realistic pool recreation if you aren’t very athletically skilled. The first girl makes it look pretty easy to pull off a properly structured dive. Celeste’s version is getting there.

7. A few celebrities have these armpit-shaving selfies, which are already a bit weird. Celeste decided to take it up a notch by posting a selfie shaving her own mustache.

8. Well, she doesn’t appear to have as much money as 50 Cent, but at least Celeste has an awesome crib.

9. Looking at Celeste’s photo, it kind of makes you wonder if Mariah Carey got any sand in her mouth or hair while taking this beach shot.

10.This is a pretty good example of Expectations vs. reality. While the first girl has rainbows shining on her face with a perfectly timed selfie, Celeste’s is a little more realistic.

11. Jessica Simpson sure looks flawless in her car. Her hair isn’t even blowing in the wind! Celeste decided to recreate it and things seems to be a bit windier for her.

12. Now Celeste has recreated one of the Beyoncé pregnancy photos. I guess she couldn’t find a wreath as flowers as large as Bey’s but there was an effort.

13. Now she’s pulling a Selena Gomez! This one is kind of funny because you can see a curler falling out of her hair. Also, she decided to use multiple straws for some reason. 

14. Celeste looks like she’s trying not to fall in this recreation of a Paris Hilton bathroom shot. It kind of makes you wonder how long it took Paris to get positioned like that and how long she was able to hold it for.

15. The lighting in these two shots is actually pretty similar! Celeste couldn’t get her leg up quite as high as the image she was creating, but she is rocking a pair of pajamas and a sports bra. 

16. While she might not be able to climb as high as Maddie Ziegler, she put together a pretty convincing recreation. This one would actually make a pretty good Halloween costume.

17. Couldn’t forget about Justin Bieber. In this one, she pulls her shorts down a little lower to poke fun at his exposed boxers.

18. Kourtney Kardashian is up next! Celeste actually managed to find a shirt pretty similar to Kourtney’s. Instead of a huge cigar, she’s decided to go with a banana.

19. This is most likely what it would look like if the average person got doused with milk. Although this one wasn’t an Instagram post, it was taken from a clip of a Nicki Minaj music video.

20. One more Bey recreation. In this one, Celeste decided to flip the colors and went with a black chicken and body suit compared to Beyoncé’s choice of white.


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