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Woman Invites Homeless To Reception, After $30K Wedding Called Off


A wedding is usually a pretty happy time in a person’s life, and it’s a celebration filled with love. However, this wasn’t the case for one 25-year-old woman who had to cancel her wedding while dealing with a broken heart.

Although she did not specify the exact reason, Sarah Cummins found herself with an overwhelming list of expenses, cancellations, and phone calls to make.

Sarah explained that she did a lot of crying during that time but she also felt ‘sick’ when thinking of all the food that would be going to waste. So she came up with a brilliant idea that would help to spread the love and still keep the day special.

Working with the Ritz Charles and a few different homeless shelters, Sarah organized a banquet dinner and invited anyone who needed it to come out and dine. Keep on reading to see how the wedding-turned-soup-drive happened.

Sarah Cummins had been excitedly planning her $30,000 dollar wedding for the past two years, but shortly prior it was called for unknown reasons.

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Although she was left with a broken heart, Sarah decided that she wanted to do something to bring some purpose to the pain she and her ex-partner were feeling.

After discussing it with her former fiance, Logan Araujo, she worked with event planner Maddie LaDow at the Ritz Charles to reorganize the reception area.

The dinner was held at the venue’s enclosed garden. Sarah had always wanted an outdoor wedding but she also didn’t want to risk the weather.

The party gave several people the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal that perhaps they haven’t been able to access in a long time, or possibly ever.

On the menu, there was bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese, and roasted garlic bruschetta, chicken breast with artichokes and Chardonnay cream sauce. Not to mention wedding cake for dessert.

Dayspring Center is one of the shelters that Sarah contacted, Development director Cheryl Herzog told IndyStar: I was so touched that Sarah had taken a painful experience and turned it into a joyful one for families in need,” Herzog said. “It is truly a very kind gesture on her part.”

She further explained that families who are homeless have a very difficult time, and it can be a stressful situation. This gave them the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal together.

Sarah really put herself out there to spread the love. With the help of family and friends, she organized for buses to pick residents up from various homeless shelters.

She was hoping to serve at least 150 people, but there is no definite head count yet. Regardless, she was able to help a ton of people.

Sarah’s ex-partner also found the use of the day to be ‘a beautiful thing’ as several homeless families were able to enjoy dinner and music together.

Although it’s unfortunate that Sarah and her ex-partner are going through a difficult time romantically, it’s wonderful to see that they put their time and effort to wonderful use.  


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