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Woman Leaps To Her Death From 12th Floor Of 1 Hotel Central Park


A woman leapt 120 feet from a hotel on Central Park on Tuesday despite repeated requests from police to come to safety. The woman jumped just before 3 pm from the 1 Hotel Central Park on Sixth Avenue and 58th Street in Midtown.

Firefighters and police rushed to the scene around 2:20 pm.

Bystanders and witnesses said she looked to be about 12 floors up and authorities were doing their best to get her to come to safety.

The lavish and luxurious hotel hosts celebrities and athletes from around the world. A standard room goes for about 800 dollars while a top-notch suite is just under 11 thousand dollars a night.

article-jump-0822NY Daily News

One of those witnesses who saw the woman jump was David Horowitch: ‘I was coming out of the building and saw people looking up. There were firemen there trying to talk her out of jumping.’

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He continued on by saying: ‘it almost looked like she slipped. Not sure if that’s what happened. She somersaulted. It was a sound I never want to hear again. Then I looked away.’

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Another witness, New York University student, Brenden Walsh said: ‘she came over the edge. One officer came. You could see his head. He talked to her for maybe one minute.’

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‘She just let go, fell backwards. From the beginning, she was just a hair away from falling. It looked like she was ready to go. She was just getting ready, in the position.’

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He concluded by saying: ‘it wasn’t one of those situations where someone is sitting on the bridge and wants to talk.’

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Officials told The New York Post that the unidentified woman had leapt from the 18th floor before police could deploy air bags on the pavement.

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The identity of the woman has yet to be revealed and the reasoning behind why she wanted to jump is not yet disclosed.


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