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This Woman Left Her Baby Behind In The Hospital. Twenty Years Later, She Found Out That Her Daughter Is Famous.


Sometimes in life, there are babies born to parents who are unable to take care of the child. Each mother has her own reason for choosing to put her child up for adoption, hoping that the child is eventually taken home by a loving family who could provide better.

Do you think the mothers ever wonder what happened to the babies they had to leave behind? For one woman in Russia, she was shocked to learn that the baby she had given up for adoption over 20 years ago grew up to be a famous athlete.

In a strange series of events, 12-time gold medal winning Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long was curious to find out who her real parents were. She had been under the impression they had passed away but when she dug a little deeper she found her birth mom was in fact still alive. Check out this adorable story on how the two eventually came to meet again. 

When Natalya Valtysheva gave birth to a baby girl named Tatiana in a small village in Russia, she decided to put her up for adoption possibly due to the fact that she was born with fibular hemimelia.

This is a birth defect where parts of the bone are missing. For Tatiana, it was in her lower legs. After being put up for adoption at the age of 13 months, Tatiana was eventually adopted after spending time in an underprivileged orphanage in Russia.

A couple from the US named Beth and Steve fell in love with and eventually brought Tatiana home, renaming her Jessica. Her lower legs were amputated and she learned to walk on prosthetics.

At a young age, Jessica took to the water and often pretended that she was a mermaid. As she continued to grow, the love for the water stuck and she was well on her way to becoming the Paralympic champ she is today.

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