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In An Attempt To Lose Weight, Model Victoria Dauxerre Ate Only Apples For 8 Months

Most people have felt the pressure our society puts on individuals to stay thin. It can be so overwhelming that it sometimes drives people to go to extreme lengths in order to achieve the perfect waistline. Take Victoire Macon Dauxerre, for example. She’s an 18-year-old woman who underwent an all apple diet to lose weight. The diet turned out to be incredibly dangerous.


It all started when she was discovered by a modelling agent who encouraged her to get into the modeling business. For most girls, this was a dream come true. However, her modelling path took her down a very dark road. In order to make it to the top, she was told she needed to lose 20 pounds.

Determined to make it in the fashion industry, Victorie began eating just three apples a day. She did this for eight months and quickly dropped 20 pounds and then some. She stood at 5’10 and weighed just 100 pounds. Soon she was being picked up for fashion shows across France, Italy and even across the U.S.

Unfortunately, her diet came at a high price and it came with some shocking health concerns. Victoire developed bulimia, anorexia, and osteoporosis. She became so thin she lost her menstrual cycle. In addition, her mental health suffered greatly.


Since apples do not provide the body with enough nutrients, her body began to eat itself in order to keep going. Eight months into her modelling career, she found herself mentally drained. She couldn’t take it anymore and attempted suicide.


Thankfully, Victoria has dropped her unhealthy eating habits and has dedicated herself to educating girls about the dangers of pressuring yourself to be thin. At 23 years old, she wrote a book called, ‘Never Skinny Enough: Diary of a Top Model’.

She wants to expose and educate people, especially young people who are lured by the glitz, about the dark underbelly of the fashion industry. She talks to groups of young women hoping to show them all sides of the industry before they choose to be in it.


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