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After Her Benefits Were Axed, Woman Lives By Candlelight With No Power Or Heating

56-year-old Donna Cross, from Liverpool, is living with nothing but candlelight to keep her warm after her benefits were cut.

After her benefits from the Employment and Support Allowance were cut last year, Cross has been doing all she can to keep herself warm and take care of her health. She suffers from several ailments, including type two diabetes, anemia (an iron deficiency which can lead to a loss of red blood cells), and a chest infection, which reportedly causes her skin to bleed.

The loss of her benefits means that she no longer has access to electricity, heating, or gas. Cross spoke with Echo and informed them that her benefits were nixed on account of her failing to produce a medical document on time. The deadline was missed due to a doctor’s appointment.

“I used to get Jobseekers Allowance even though I’ve told them I’m not well enough to work,” she told the publication. “If I’m too ill to work, how can I look for a job? And how can I look for a job if I can’t use a computer? When they stopped the benefits last year, that’s when I felt I was in a situation where I didn’t know if I was going to cope.”

Cross’s food supply is low as well. “I’ve told the council about my illnesses but they said they couldn’t do anything because I’ve had the limit of vouchers,” she said. She added that she can’t walk for too long on account of her diabetes and when she does have food, she can’t heat it because her cooker doesn’t work.

For a while, she was using power allocated to her by Scottish Power and British Gas. The companies had allowed her to use their services on credit but when she couldn’t pay her bills, Scottish Power ended her service.

Without any money, Cross has no way of purchasing food or restoring her power.

Though, when Echo approached Scottish Power this week, they replied, “We have provided Ms. Cross with financial assistance for six years and we have now written off her outstanding debt as a goodwill gesture. We will send someone to reconnect her right away.”

Since the first publication of her story, Cross has since been granted her services again and was given donated food.

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