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This Woman Lost 169 Pounds, The Difference In Her Face Is Remarkable

Anyone who turns their life around to live a healthier lifestyle is noteworthy. Thanks to the internet and social media, people are becoming more and more inspired to lose weight and become healthier. People’s stories are insanely inspiring and it’s just impossible to look away.

Typically, when a person loses an extensive amount of weight we tend to focus on their stomach, their waist, even their arms. We usually don’t really realize just how much their face has changed. It’s typically the feature on the body that has changed the most!

Kaylee Bonnett is one example of just how much someone’s face can change after a huge weight loss. Her weight loss success story is extremely inspirational. Kaylee is 24 years old and once weighed 481 pounds!

She told Daily Mail Online, “In 2016, I went to the doctor and the scale there wouldn’t weigh me, and I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and I had high blood pressure and that’s when I realized I had to do something.”

Bennett was always overweight and was made fun of by her friends in high school when she weighed 300 pounds. She has had difficulty with her weight ever since she could remember. She told Good Housekeeping, “Day to day, life was a constant struggle.”

She continued, saying “From worrying about if I’ll fit in this chair or if the chair will hold me, to trying to look nice and hoping that getting from point A to B doesn’t make me sweat my hair and makeup off, I was constantly on the defense.”

Doctors told Bonnett that if she didn’t lose weight, she would be at serious risk of a stroke or heart attack. Bonnett knew she needed a serious change and decided that surgery was the best option for her.

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