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Woman Lured Abroad By Former Fling In Disgusting ‘Pull A Pig’ Prank

Sophie Stevenson claims she was optimistic when she traveled 400 miles for the man of her dreams only to discover she was the victim of a cruel prank called “pull a pig.”

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Stevenson claims she met the accused prankster, 21-year-old Dutchman Jesse Mateman, while visiting Barcelona. Stevenson, 24, says they came together after the traumatic events of the August terrorist attack. They continued a long-distance relationship for months after she arrived home.

In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, Stevenson called their relationship a “proper holiday romance,” claiming they spent every day together during the duration of their trips and chatted every day on the phone. The alleged victim says it was during their daily phone conversations that they agreed to meet in Amsterdam, a fair meeting point between Stevenson’s hometown in London and Mateman’s in Holland.

In the interview, Stevenson says she waited at the Amsterdam airport for over two hours trying to contact Mateman before she began to panic. She says she called a friend who told her to “remain calm” and that Mateman was probably “running late.” A devastated Stevenson claims she received a text message 6 hours later in her hotel room which read “You were pigged,” followed by 2 pig emojis. He then sent, “It was all a joke.”

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“Pulling a pig” is when a man tries to trick a woman they see as overweight or unattractive into going on a “date,” only to stand them up. Stevenson says she was so upset she changed flights and headed home the next morning.

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Although Mateman previously denied any relationship with Ms. Stevenson, his lawyer has since released a statement admitting the two were intimate during their trips but denied any contact with Stevenson afterward. Stevenson says the fact that Mateman is calling her a liar is the most upsetting part.

Stevenson says she hopes her experience will help other girls “think twice before they do it.” She says the ordeal was humiliating and she hopes that the act of sharing her story will prevent it from happening to other girls.

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