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Woman Who Made False Rape Claim Sentenced 10 Years

Twenty-five-year-old London resident Jemma Beale has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after making false rape accusations four separate times over three years. The woman made bogus claims against 15 men for ‘attention’ according to the Daily Mail.

On top of all these, it has been reported, Jemma claimed to be a lesbian with ‘no desire’ to sleep with men. One of her deceitful complaints to police led one of her victims, Mahad Cassim, to serve two years in prison.

She was even given around $11,000 in compensation while Cassim was behind bars. According to Daily Mail, Beale told police that Cassim raped her after offering to give her a lift home. She actually got out of the car and told him to get his pants down. In fact, Jemma would get so into her lies that the 25-year-old would injure herself and use self-inflicted cuts and bruises after her 15 victims.

Mahad Cassim was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2010. He was appealed and had his sentence quashed in 2015. This past Thursday, a Southwark judge noted, ‘This trial has revealed, what was not then obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar…” Daily Mail quotes. The judge added, “These offenses usually began as a drunken attempt to get your partner’s sympathy or to arouse her jealousy…”

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