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Woman Ate Only KFC For Three Years, Scared To Try Any Other Food

We all know a picky eater, but 21-year-old Georgie Scotney’s selective eating was so extreme that it began to seriously put her health at risk. Scotney ate nothing but KFC for three years until a surprising cure finally allowed her to try fruit for the first time ever.

Scotney has had a continual battle with her diet after developing Selective Eating Disorder (SED) at a young age. Sufferers of the disorder are unable to eat certain foods and the “safe” foods in which they feel they can consume can become limited to types of food or even specific brands.


Georgie’s eating became so selective that at one point her diet would only include either KFC boneless chicken strips or popcorn chicken and chips for lunch. “Growing up I’d always been really stubborn with what I’d eat,” Scotney told Metro. “It started off as just southern fried chicken and chips but it then got to the point where it’d only be chicken from KFC.”

The 21-year-old competes for Great Britain as a member of the Portsmouth School of Gymnastics, which she believes her disorder stems from due to skipping meals to go to training. However, Georgie was lucky to find a simple cure that allowed her to try fruit for the first time ever.

In hopes to put an end to her disorder, Georgie Scotney decided to go to a hypnotherapy session with Felix Economakis, a psychologist who specializes in SED treatment. Scotney was skeptical of the session, but now says that it changed her life entirely. “After the session everything changed for me instantly,” Scotney told Metro. “I tried new foods that I wouldn’t have dreamed of even going near before — and I actually really enjoyed them.” 

Scotney was finally inspired to take action and put an end to her disorder as her and her longtime boyfriend were planning to travel around Asia. Prior to the hypnotherapy session, Georgie would go days without eating if she were ever away on a school trip or didn’t have access to the fast food chain she lived off of for three years. Going to Asia, Georgie knew that she wouldn’t have been able to eat any of the food and would have starved.


“For about 15 years I’d always wanted to try a full English breakfast so the day after therapy I did, and it was amazing,” Scotney told Metro. “I’d always struggled with my weight, even though I’d go to the gym every day, because of my poor diet so I’m hoping now that I’ll be a lot healthier and happier.”

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