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This Woman Really Had To Pass Gas, So She Did This When Her Husband Left The Room


As time passes through the course of a relationship, boundaries begin to diminish and inhibitions fly out the window. No longer are we concerned about how we look when we eat in front of our partners, or the dreaded morning breath when we wake up next to our loved ones. But there are certain biological functions that we try to hide no matter the length of the relationship or marriage.

Whether it be the passing of gas or a big burp, there are a few things that we keep to ourselves when we are around our husbands or wives.

Everyone has a story about an unfortunate incident that involved passing gas. One of the funniest out there, told time and time again, involves three simple ingredients: a blindfold, a birthday cake and a surprise. This story has been featured in banned commercials, school “confession” pages and humorous reddit threads. Read on to find out what happened in this joke when this woman really had to pass some gas.

A woman had 3 plates of beans for lunch which she coincidentally ended up regretting later that night. Now, why someone would just have beans for lunch is beyond me. And why someone would have THREE plates of beans is even more mind-boggling.


But regardless, here she is, heading home after a big lunch and a rumbling stomach.


As she entered into her home, her husband was more than excited to see her.


He exclaimed emphatically that he had a surprise for dinner that night. I hope for his sake it’s not beans again!


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