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Woman Shamed Couple For Kissing In Public, Turns Out She Shouldn’t Judge


Have you ever heard a story that’s so ironic, it doesn’t even seem like it could be true? Well, that’s exactly how this one has unfolded. If you’ve already seen the incident that occurred on March 31st, you’ll know that a woman and her boyfriend were shamed for showing a little PDA in public.

No one really likes it when people are making out in public, but most people agree that the woman in the purple sweater took things way too far, getting verbally abusive and almost looking like she was ready to fight the couple.

People in the restaurant spoke up to the couple’s defense which caused the woman to engage them as well.

After everything went down, the video went viral and people decided to do some digging on who the woman in purple really is. What they have discovered is sure to leave you pretty shocked, or maybe laughing at the irony.

The entire thing was caught on camera at a Poke Bowl restaurant in Santa Monica, California. The boyfriend posted to reddit saying that he had his arms around his girlfriend and had kissed her head a few times. That was the extent of the PDA.

The woman in purple wasn’t having any of it. As the couple waits in line, the woman can be heard loudly complaining to the employees who seem a bit lost at how to handle the situation.

It appears that the boyfriend is filming the incident and his voice can be heard telling the woman to leave if she doesn’t like what she’s seeing.

The woman then turns around telling him that she has a right to be here and that this is a place to eat not make out. She then tells them to get a room.

The banter goes back and forth for a little while as the woman in purple repeatedly expresses that this is a place to eat. She also begins to make rude comments towards the girlfriend calling her rude and inappropriate names.

The girlfriend then tries to stand up for herself, telling the woman in purple that they are simply waiting for her to finish up so they can order. The woman in purple again calls her names, but she really shouldn’t be judging. 

The situation continues to escalate with the boyfriend telling the woman to call the police if she is so bothered, fully knowing that this would lead to her own demise.

The video is infuriating enough, I could only imagine being there in person. The woman in purple proceeds to get up in the couple’s face, refusing to step back even after the boyfriend repeatedly tells her too.

‘You are harboring a lot of stuff right now…’ the boyfriend says to the woman. She again tells him that she doesn’t want to watch them, yelling in their faces and he shows her the door.

The woman in purple then demands to get a refund and when the employee calmly tells her to stop yelling she requests the manager. She then accuses the couple of having adult time right there in the restaurant and calls his girlfriend ugly.

A line begins to form as the woman continues to shout in the doorway of the restaurant. I don’t know how this couple managed to keep their cool under the constant fire of this woman’s rudeness. She even accuses the couple of stalking and harassing, threatening to report them. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.24.52 PM youtube

The woman eventually takes things too far with some of the other customers, bringing up racial and other offensive slurs which cause some of them to try and forcibly remove her. As soon as cops were on their way, the woman disappeared.

After the internet did some digging, they came up with some shocking results. After using several derogatory terms towards the couple for the small PDA, people found the profile of this amateur adult star. Does she look familiar?

She looks shockingly like the woman who was so bothered by a couple kissing, and who accused them of ‘harassing her’ via their PDA. Not to mention the insulting terms she used. Here is a Facebook match to the cam model. Still not convinced it’s the same woman?

Some more digging on Anna Marie Storelli’s Facebook page showed that she’s a pretty big fan of the San Francisco Giants

And what sweater was the woman in purple wearing? A San Francisco sweater. There’s no doubt this is the same woman who was screaming down a couple about PDA. Perhaps she has some internalized hatred towards her own career? That or she’s just delusional and extremely rude.


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